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the legacy for this office. i must acknowledge my mother. she was a strong out going, strong, out spoken feisty latina and came to this country to escape war and limited opportunity. i wouldn't with where i am today if it wasn't the strong principles my mother and fall instilled in my siblings for me and because of my mother and the people of hondoor as i grew up caring about people and the quality of life and understand and educate myself in making meaningful impact on this world. i am blessed to have amazing family and trends that encourage and support the work that i have done for the last eight years
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for the city and county of san francisco. the next person i must recognize is rhonda simpsons and the work force director. she has taught me a lot in the last six years and grateful for her leadership especially when it comes to encouraging up and coming women in politics. and i thank the others for the invite and wisdom they have shown me along the way. in closing i look forward to continuing the work i have been doing in the neighborhoods and the communities to partner with each and every person that is committed to making san francisco a stellar place to live work and visit. together we can make a difference one issue at a time. thank you. [applause] >> in the house. >> that's not all. we have a
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very special person i had the privilege of working with on a daily basis and the one thing mr. mayor i won't be able to work with her. i would like to invite up mayor's lee director of violence prevention services and make the introduction to you. [applause] >> good evening. how are we? my name is deanna roachy and i am proud of say i'm a san francisco native and the new leader of violence protection services. i would like to thank mayor lee for the opportunity and thank my loving husband for
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standing by my side, my family and i would like to thank every individual that mentored me in this audience. i come from roots very much rooted in this city and that are really strong in mentorship and really about understanding how it is important to be proud of who you are, but it's also important to create solidity among different people of color throughout our communities. [applause] i come with that spirit to you, to the administration of mayor lee, to be able to work very hard, like those farm workers that taught us to work very hard day and night, like my mother who was a house maid in the presidio and taught me to work very, very hard everyday. like my father who is a shoe repair man in north point in embarcadero who taught me to
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work very hard and all those central americans who taught me to struggle and a balanced peace in our communities, so with that i would like to say it's a honor to be part of this administration and my vision is to be hold public safety in a balanced way, but at the same time looking at long-term goals that really sustain violence prevention services like a community, as a community, as a united community of san francisco, and so today i just want to honor elpueblo. [speaking spanish] , the village united will never be defeated and i trurl believe in that spirit and i honor those ancestors and all the people that taught us that concept and i hope i can bring that spirit to you and work really hard to make our community safer. thank you.
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[applause] >> i just have to say i have known her for the most of my working life and she's a fierce advocate and will continue beyond city hall. she's been there before and here now and she's going to be here later and congratulations. and we are very proud of you. [applause] >> so thank you deanna and thank you christina. we look forward to your service. on behalf of all the residents and the county of city of san francisco. i was proud to be part of our next presenter tonight in helping to make sure we had additional latino representation in the arts so i would like to ask to present the final award this evening the first latino poet laureate in san francisco mr. morgeea to join us on stage.
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[applause] >> i'm going to invite myself to say a few words. first of all it's a great honor to be here celebrating our community and culture and to celebrate this award to someone i have known since he was a young brown buffalo starting out and i am pleased to see so many elected officials here like mayor edwin lee, representative nancy pelosi, district attorney gaston, police chief -- i am very pleased about that, but i also want to remind them that the next time we meet at one of these receptions i'm going to ask for their reading list, and i hope to see many, many latino authors, many, many latina poets, especially those poets
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and books that have been banned recently in arizona. [applause] so while we celebrate today keep in mind that in other places like arizona perhaps we don't have as much to celebrate. [speaking spanish] thank you. [applause] >> our 2012 latino heritage awards recipient is john santos. john, please join us on stage tonight. you know you should be star struck and this is a four time grammy nominee here, five time grammy
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nominee here and one of the most experienced in latin music today and known for the use of instruments and contemporary music and has earned much respect as a composer and producer. he has studied and recorded with jazz masters and dizzy gillespie and many others. he was born in san francisco california. he was raised in puerto rico and his traditions of his family always had music and his studies of afro latin music have included trips to new york, puerto rico and columbia and
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brazil and i know the director of the theater of women in the arts will let you know he's playing in the days ahead. [applause] so senor santos thank you so much for your contributions to the arts community here in san francisco and we thank you for your service. [applause] >> thank you very much wa wean. i want to say thank you to the mayor also, to the nominating committee. i also want to acknowledge my family, my inspiration. my father who passed away last week who was also a san francisco native. my mom in the hospital right now after a knee replacement and also a san francisco native. this means a lot for us. i know i speak for 99% of the latino and jazz musicians who are not
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playing commercial music whose photos are not on the covers of magazines or in the newspaper or not on television, and we play this music because it's our roots. it's who we are. it's a tradition handed down to us and this award means a lot. i think it means more to us than anybody else. also when we talk about latin heritage month and every month is latin heritage month but we are first and foremost human beings, no better or worse than any human being on this planet and i hope in the room will work for human rights around the globe despite doesn't matter where people are from, what flag they're playing. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> well, tonight we have some very, very special sponsors tonight. wells wells fargo, at&t and all of the wine makers that are ready to serve you while you listen to the incredible music from the performers tonight and i want to recognize the sponsors tonight. mission language and vocational school and braffa for women in the arts and thank you all for making the time to be here tonight and celebrate latino community
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>> [gavel] >> good afternoon. welcome to the board of supervisors meeting for the city and county of san francisco home of the national league champions san francisco giants. it is tuesday october 23, 2012. madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> supervisor avalos. present. >> supervisor. >> go giants. supervisor cohen. cohen present. supervisor elsbernd. present. supervisor farrell. present. supervisor
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kim. present. supervisor mar. present. supervisor olague. present. supervisor wiener. present. and mr. president supervisor chiu is not in the chamber. >> thank you. given that supervisor chu just got married we will excuse her this week and will be excused and will you please join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> pledge one and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> colleagues we have board minutes from the meetings. could i have a motion on approve those minutes? moved and seconded. without objection that will be approved. madam
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clerk do we have any communications? >> there are no communications mr. president. >> if you could read items one through six. >> these item are from the consent agenda and if want to called separately we. >> colleagues any separate? >> (calling roll). there are ten aye's. >> those ordinances are finally passed and approved. next item. >> next item is to administrator the san francisco housing code and policies and making the
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requisite finding. >> colleagues any discussion? supervisor olague. >> yeah, there are a couple of debates going on between a couple of city departments, -- not a debate but discussion with middle income housing and i want more time to get clarity of the differences of opinion are when it relates to that and that is the mayor's office plab planning and make a motion to continue for one week to clarify that. >> okay. supervisor olague is making a motion to continue it. it has been seconded. without objection and continued then.
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item eight. >> and for the district attorney expend a grant in the approximately amount of 399,000 for the foreclosure program for this period listed. >> colleague could we take this same call. no objections. next item. >> nine is for the district attorney retroactive grant from the california victim compensation and governments claim board for a "joint powers agreement" between this period. >> same house, same call. this resolution is adopted. item ten. >> item ten is authorization for the recreation and park department and have a grant in the amount of $164,000 from the park and recreation for the
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glen canyon creekside loop trail project for the term of july 1st, 2011 through this time. >> supervisor. >> there are some technical amendments and i would like them circulated. >> there are technical amendments. moved and seconded. colleagues can we take those? same house, same call. without objection. item 11. >> listen item is resolution for the district attorney to expand the grant up to 86,000 allocated from the california compensation victims board for the program july 12012 through june 30, 2013. >> same house, same call. this
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is adopted. item 12. >> is for the fiscal year consolidated plan goals from the federal government for the community block grant, and the emergency solutions grant and opportunities for persons with aids grant. >> same house, same call. this resolution is adopted. item 13. >> item 13 is for work force and development in grant from the u.s. department of labor pass us through the california employment department for the will disability initiative listed here. >> same house, same call. this resolution is adopted. item 14. >> item 14 resolution for the presiding judge on the super court and the recommendations in the grand jury report where there is smoke and for the implementation of the annual budget.
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>> same house, same call. this resolution is adopted. item 15. >> is an ordinance for the administrative code for the policy right to return to revitalized public housing units and authorizing new hours for the stabilization board to administer this policy. >> same house, same call. this ordinance is passed on the first read. next item. >> 16 resolution for the acceptance and purchase agreement for the waller street to buchanan and execute documents in furtherance of the resolution. >> same house, same call. this is adopt. number 17. >> construction a surface and subsurface structure in union square park for the project union street station. >> same house, same call. this
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resolution is adopted. colleagues our 4:00 p.m. will be continued and will take that up then. why don't we go now to roll call. >> supervisor wiener. supervisor cohen. thank you supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. >> thank you colleagues i have just one resolution to present today and san francisco conjunction with the 49ers to host the super bowl here. it was announced that san francisco was nominated as a finalist to host the 2016 or 17 super bowl and i want to thank mayor lee on that and david chiu was there and thank the 49ers and
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mr. silverstein who helped with the advertisement and the big committee member who is will make up a lot part of this process and chair from tipping point and conleeza rice, and lor rein powell, mayor willy brown, mary murphy, chris kelly, ron conway and many others. it's really an all star crew from people in the bay area. the economic benefits are incredible. thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of economic activity. in san francisco we have been tested and with the giants and the america's cup and fleet week and all of the events we have hosted. it's an incredible time to be a san franciscan. it's a world class event and one of the biggest in the world and we are a world class city deserving of
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hosting it. i want to thank the chair for getting the funds for the youth programs and the more we do the better off we are as a community here in san francisco. i think his goals are ambitious but i am confident in them making it a reality in the city and i hope you join me and i submit. >> thank you supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. >> thank you. as long as we're on the topic of sports we am introducing this on the traffic impacts and on pier 32 for the warriors and we are excited they're making san francisco making their home, or returning back to san francisco as their home. one of the largest concern through the neighbor meetings is the impacts of traffic and other
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transportation concerns in the south beach mission bay communities, so this is a hearing request so we can address some of the broader questions and also learn a little bit about what we have been able to do to mitigate the concerns with the at&t as well and although i cannot claim the victory the ballpark is in our district and we are inkredally brought of our team and the mvp and excited to go to the world series and the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor kim. supervisor chiu. >> thank you colleagues we used ten to ten to reduce the blight of yellow page phone books. at that time the one federal case in the issue decided that the city of seattle with a
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camperable ordinance was able to do it under the first amendment. last week a circuit panel undid that case and they're in the protections and i disagree with the reading and to the polluters that litter on your footsteps and based on the same logic as the citizens united ruling and considers the corporate super pacs the same as real people but with our city attorney i am introducing legislation today and suspend our pilot programs until we see if seattle's law is consistent with the first amendment and i am working with the city attorney to find alternate approaches for the
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same goal. the rest i commit. >> thank you supervisor. supervisor. >> submit. >> thank you supervisor. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you madam clerk. i have several things. the first is my strong support for the neighborhood theater and in the richmond district. i have been supporting the survival of the neighborhood theaters and i am introducing a motion for what the city can do much more to protect the small independent theaters. i have been working hard to support the balboa theater and the foundation has stepped in really to help our neighborhood show strong support for it, but also at the four star theater and chinese american movie series. it's one of the only one that still continues to show chinese movies in our city and i am helping in the process to renovate the
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aland der theater to make sure that we restore but also maintain a small neighborhood 38 existing there. also across the city communities are stepping up to support theaters like the roxy in the inner mission and the red victorian in the haight ash bury as well and i hope the area is supportive of other efforts too and i look forward to working with the theater foundation and how the city can support more of the neighborhood 38s. they serve as an anchor to the communities and drive economic opportunities in the neighborhood and i look forward to working with you and supporting them. and in light of the big earthquake we're anticipating in the next 30 years and also to support homeowners and public safety i am introducing a resolution for
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federal legislation and of earthquake and by feinstein and this act would allow california's earthquake authority to lower cost to homeowners and guarantee bonded issued by the california earthquake authority in lieu of perfecting reinsurance and accounts for 40% of the cost. this would save homeowners $100 million a year and lower the rates by 20% and allows homeowners to afford insurance and speed economic recovery when the next big one hits. maybe a fraction, 10%, of the homeowners have insurance and my hope is will help those within the
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city. i wanted to let people k know11:00 o'clock next week on inside i am working with the rec and park central richmond to unveil the new play ground and join us at 11:00 a.m. and fulton and the new cabrilo play ground and we have been working to revitalize the area so the parks and play grounds really help to revitalize our neighborhoods. please join us. also i wanted to acknowledge a community arts organization is celebrating its 25th anniversary at yoashys and one of the unique rare ones i think to revitalize chinese and asian arts but the whole community. it's called improv asian carts and it's the 25th anniversary. i have been a
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strong supporter since the inception and give thanks to the many people for their work to strengthen communities to show the history of the asian and the pacific islander experience in their art and also how they fight for more cultural equity in our communities. please join us at 7:00 p.m.. another key part of the celebration of 25 years of asian improv arts is support other artists and wang wallace and others and lucy lynn and the director of the grant frs the san francisco arts commission but it's also unveiling a new piece by john chang and one key piece will be a

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